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Heres to today.

Since this is my first blog, I'm gonna keep it light, maybe even whimsy. Huh, maybe not. I live in the I.E. in socalchic so that's where my heads at when I post my blogs. Like they say," Is rather be no place than home." I would like to tell you a useless fact that I know. Okay, did you know that a cockroach can survive 1 week, moving and everything AFTER his head is ripped off his body? Gross but true. I will be blogging anywhere from useless facts to dumb knowledge, to my way of thinking, feeling, seeing, and hearing. I may live in the ghetto, but I'm no skin, my friends may be homeless but they're my friends, I may have no money in my wallet, but I have love in my heart. Let's end there for now. Please come back and experience the socslbloggers life! :-)
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