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Live journal app sucks!!

I can not view my LiveJournal personal page from this app. Hate it!!

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.


Good evening my fine friends!!

I haven't blogged in a few days because I forgot my dumb psw and couldn't sign in, but I'm online now. I don't have much to say, but perhaps a funny or bizarre fact or a piece of useless knowledge to fill up your brain a bit more. LOL. Yeah never know with me!! (wink) ttyl8r!!

My tweets


My tweets

  • Wed, 12:45: I'm bored, lonely, cranky, tired, and need something to do. The net is a big bore today. No one to play with.
  • Wed, 23:18: I've been using Androidify and I think you might like it. Check it out from your Android phone: http://t.co/6pV57tqB
  • Thu, 06:15: Hate holidays!!!!


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Hacked yet again!

So I go to my email acct to check what's new and here it lies...another notice that my Twitter and AOL accts have been hacked. D*mn it!! This will be the 3rd time in a year. So now I'm having to go throgh the garbage of setting,clicking, adding, posting,etc,etc to get my accts back. I'm a nice person but I'm pissed now!! Watch out socalchic is on the loose and looking for payback!!

Writer's Block: Family ties

What do you love to do with your family?
We love doing cook outs a lot.

Das poll

Poll #1797353 When "is" the end?

Do.you believe the worlds going to end on April,12 2012?

Dont care
Charge it!!!
My world has already ended.

Heres to today.

Since this is my first blog, I'm gonna keep it light, maybe even whimsy. Huh, maybe not. I live in the I.E. in socalchic so that's where my heads at when I post my blogs. Like they say," Is rather be no place than home." I would like to tell you a useless fact that I know. Okay, did you know that a cockroach can survive 1 week, moving and everything AFTER his head is ripped off his body? Gross but true. I will be blogging anywhere from useless facts to dumb knowledge, to my way of thinking, feeling, seeing, and hearing. I may live in the ghetto, but I'm no skin, my friends may be homeless but they're my friends, I may have no money in my wallet, but I have love in my heart. Let's end there for now. Please come back and experience the socslbloggers life! :-)